Gazelle Foundation Spring for the Water

April 30, 2019: Mark your calendars for a very special Spring For the Water event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Gilbert Tuhabonye's escape from genocide and second chance of life. Our goal for the evening is to fully fund two water projects that will serve 4,300 people honoring Gilbert's legacy of joy and gratitude. Chikage Windler, Chief Meteorologist, CBS Austin will emcee the evening. It will be an evening of fun, food & drink, and changing lives. Ticket is required. Ticket includes cocktails, dinner, and award ceremony at the Hyatt-Regency Foothills Ballroom, 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

  • Gilbert Tuhabonye with Gilbert's Gazelles
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye in prayer
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye with Burundi Olympians
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye running with a child at Run for the Water
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye at tribal dance in Africa
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye, coach at St. Andrew's in Austin
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye at Dig Burundi race
  • Gilbert Tuhabonye of Austin, TX

Sometimes the world can be an unfair and cruel place. Yet even amongst the worst of circumstances and in the midst of unfathomable tragedies, hope and happiness prevail.

Gilbert Tuhabonye knows this.

Gilbert has endured great suffering in his life. Yet his message isn’t one of sorrow or anger; it’s one of joy, faith and forgiveness. Driven by a desire to unleash the potential of anyone who seeks it – in running and in life – Gilbert’s indomitable spirit moves everyone he meets. He inspires others to believe that they can achieve anything, regardless of the circumstances or obstacles. He is a living reminder that humanity is greater than the sum of all the world’s injustices. And he is proof that the work of a few – or even just one – can make this world, our world, a better place.

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